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Editors’ Prize

The aim of the Stata Journal Editors’ Prize is to reward contributions to the Stata community in respect of one or more outstanding papers published in the Stata Journal in the previous three calendar years. The prize consists of a framed certificate and an honorarium of U.S. $1,000, courtesy of the publisher of the Stata Journal.

Editors’ Prize 2021 winner

The editors of the Stata Journal are delighted to announce the award of the Editors’ Prize for 2021 to Mark E. Schaffer.

Schaffer’s research ranges widely, with interests in applied econometrics, labor markets, economic history, energy economics, and evolutionary biology. He has acted as an Associate Editor of the Stata Journal since 2003 and has given talks at various Stata meetings.

The award recognizes specifically an outstanding article by Schaffer and coauthors Achim Ahrens and Christian B. Hansen (2020).

Read about Schaffer's outstanding contributions to the Stata community in the full announcement here.

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