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Stata Journal Volume 19 Number 1

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Articles and Columns

Change of publisher: The Stata Journal is now published by SAGE Publishing
Announcement of the Stata Journal Editors' Prize 2019
Fast and wild: Bootstrap inference in Stata using boottest
D. Roodman, J. G. MacKinnon, M. Ø. Nielsen, and M. D. Webb
Seamless interactive language interfacing between R and Stata
E. F. Haghish
On the importance of syntax coloring for teaching statistics
E. F. Haghish
Estimation methods in the presence of corner solutions
A. Sánchez-Peñalver
piaactools: A program for data analysis with PIAAC data
M. Jakubowski and A. Pokropek
lsemantica: A command for text similarity based on latent semantic analysis
C. Schwarz
Updates to the ipfraking ecosystem
S. Kolenikov
Bootstrap pointwise confidence intervals for covariate-adjusted survivor functions in the Cox model
C. Ruhe
Candle charts for financial technical analysis
M. F. Dicle
Power calculations for regression-discontinuity designs
M. D. Cattaneo, R. Titiunik, and G. Vazquez-Bare
Speaking Stata: How best to generate indicator or dummy variables
N. J. Cox and C. B. Schechter

Notes and Comments

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