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Stata Journal Volume 21 Number 4

Here is the table of contents for this issue:

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Articles and Columns

Editorial roles: Farewell and welcome
The Stata Journal Editors' Prize 2021: Mark E. Schaffer
Implementing the panel event study
D. Clarke and K. Tapia-Schythe
Relative distribution analysis in Stata
B. Jann
Implementing quantile selection models in Stata
E. Muñoz and M. Siravegna
On identification and estimation of Heckman models
J. Cook, J.-S. Lee, and N. Newberger
Unit-root tests for explosive behavior
C. F. Baum and J. Otero
Meeting assumptions in the estimation of reliability
B. P. Shaw
Properly calculating estat phtest in the presence of stratified hazards
S. K. Metzger and B. T. Jones
Review of Michael N. Mitchell's Interpreting and Visualizing Regression Models Using Stata, Second Edition
A. MacIsaac and B. Weaver
Speaking Stata: Loops in parallel
N. J. Cox

Notes and Comments

Stata tip 142: joinby is the real merge m:m
D. Mazrekaj and J. Wursten
Stata tip 143: Creating donut charts in Stata
A. Musau
Stata tip 144: Adding variable text to graphs that use a by() option
N. J. Cox

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