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Stata Journal Volume 24 Number 1

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Articles and Columns

Announcement of the Stata Journal Editors' Prize 2024
ddml: Double/debiased machine learning in Stata
A. Ahrens, C. B. Hansen, M. E. Schaffer, and T. Wiemann
Identify latent group structures in panel data: The classifylasso command
W. Huang, Y. Wang, and L. Zhou
Ordinary least squares and instrumental-variables estimators for any outcome and heterogeneity
M.-J. Lee and C. Han
Nearly collinear robust procedures for 2SLS estimation
A. Young
A Bayesian method for addressing multinomial misclassification with applications for alcohol epidemiological modeling
W. J. Parish, A. Aldridge, and M. van Hasselt
sendemails: An automated email package with multiple applications
L. Fumarco, S. M. Gaddis, F. Sarracino, and I. Snoddy
Browse and cite Stata manuals easily: The wwwhelp command
Y. Chen and Y. Lian

Notes and Comments

Stata tip 153: Extracting text data from webpages
A. Musau
Stata tip 154: Computing power and sample size for prospective diagnostic accuracy studies using Stata's official power commands
A. Linden

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