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Stata Journal Volume 20 Number 4

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Articles and Columns

The Stata Journal Editors' Prize 2020: Daniel Klein
merlin––A unified modeling framework for data analysis and methods development in Stata
M. J. Crowther
Fast leave-one-out methods for inference, model selection, and diagnostic checking
F. Belotti and F. Peracchi
Extracting Chinese geographic data from Baidu Map API
Y. Xue and C. Li
The Romano–Wolf multiple-hypothesis correction in Stata
D. Clarke, J. P. Romano, and M. Wolf
Nonparametric synthetic control using the npsynth command
G. Cerulli
Analysis of regression-discontinuity designs with multiple cutoffs or multiple scores
M. D. Cattaneo, R. Titiunik, and G. Vazquez-Bare
iefieldkit: Commands for primary data collection and cleaning
K. Bjärkefur, L. Cardoso de Andrade, and B. Daniels
An easy way to create duration variables in binary cross-sectional time-series data
A. Q. Philips
Developing, maintaining, and hosting Stata statistical software on GitHub
E. F. Haghish
Constructing a summary index using the standardized inverse-covariance weighted average of indicators
B. Schwab, S. Janzen, N. P. Magnan, and W. M. Thompson
Using information from singletons in fixed-effects estimation: xtfesing
L. Magazzini, R. L. Bruno, and M. Stampini
Fitting partially linear functional-coefficient panel-data models with Stata
K. Du, Y. Zhang, and Q. Zhou
Speaking Stata: Loops, again and again
N. J. Cox

Notes and Comments

Stata tip 139: The by() option of graph can work better than graph combine
N. J. Cox

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