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Stata Journal Volume 23 Number 3

Here is the table of contents for this issue:

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Articles and Columns

synth2: Synthetic control method with placebo tests, robustness test, and visualization
G. Yan and Q. Chen
mpitb: A toolbox for multidimensional poverty indices
N. Suppa
Robit regression in Stata
R. B. Newson and M. Falcaro
hdps: A suite of commands for applying high-dimensional propensity-score approaches
J. Tazare, L. Smeeth, S. J. W. Evans, I. J. Douglas, and E. J. Williamson
ebct: Using entropy balancing for continuous treatments to estimate dose-response functions and their derivatives
S. Tübbicke
cntraveltime: Travel distance and travel time in China
X. Zhang, Y. Xue, and C. Li
Cluster randomized controlled trial analysis at the cluster level: The clan command
J. A. Thompson, B. Leurent, S. Nash, L. H. Moulton, and R. J. Hayes
Facilities for optimizing and designing multiarm multistage (MAMS) randomized controlled trials with binary outcomes
B. Choodari-Oskooei, D. J. Bratton, and M. K. B. Parmar
Estimating text regressions using txtreg_train
C. Schwarz
Iterative intercensal single-decrement life tables using Stata
J. O. Muniz
winratiotest: A command for implementing the win ratio and stratified win ratio in Stata
J. Gregson, J. P. Ferreira, and T. Collier
blandaltman: A command to create variants of Bland–Altman plots
M. D. Chatfield, T. J. Cole, H. C. W. de Vet, L. Marquart-Wilson, and D. M. Farewell
iefieldkit: Commands for primary data collection and cleaning (update)
K. Bjärkefur, L. Cardoso de Andrade, and B. Daniels
Speaking Stata: Replacing missing values: The easiest problems
N. J. Cox
Review of Environmental Econometrics Using Stata, by Christopher F. Baum and Stan Hurn
R. P. Thombs
Review of Multilevel and Longitudinal Modeling Using Stata, Fourth Edition, by Sophia Rabe-Hesketh and Anders Skrondal
L. Grilli and C. Rampichini

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