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Stata Journal Volume 22 Number 1

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Articles and Columns

Announcement of the Stata Journal Editors' Prize 2022
Simulating time-to-event data from parametric distributions, custom distributions, competing-risks models, and general multistate models
M. J. Crowther
A toolbox for measuring heterogeneity and efficiency using zonotopes
M. Cococcioni, M. Grazzi, L. Li, and F. Ponchio
Interpreting logit models
L. J. Uberti
Computing the fragility index for randomized trials and meta-analyses using Stata
A. Linden
Travel distance and travel time using Stata: New features and major improvements in georoute
S. Weber, M. Péclat, and A. Warren
Measuring technical efficiency and total factor productivity change with undesirable outputs in Stata
D. Wang, K. Du, and N. Zhang
Binary contrasts for unordered polytomous regressors
J. Freese and S. Johfre
Effect sizes for contrasts of estimated marginal effects
B. P. Shaw
Analyzing coarsened categorical data with or without probabilistic information
W. Vach, C. Alder, and S. Pichler
Fitting mixture models for feeling and uncertainty for rating data analysis
G. Cerulli, R. Simone, F. Di Iorio, D. Piccolo, and C. F. Baum
Erratum: A comprehensive set of postestimation measures to enrich interrupted time-series analysis
A. Linden
Erratum: Unit-root tests for explosive behavior
C. F. Baum and J. Otero

Notes and Comments

Stata tip 145: Numbering weeks within months
N. J. Cox

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