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Stata Journal Volume 23 Number 2

Here is the table of contents for this issue:

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Articles and Columns

ginteff: A generalized command for computing interaction effects
M. Radean
Color palettes for Stata graphics: An update
B. Jann
lgrgtest: Lagrange multiplier test after constrained maximum-likelihood estimation
H. Tauchmann
posw: A command for the stepwise Neyman-orthogonal estimator
D. Drukker and D. Liu
A Lagrange multiplier test for the mean stationarity assumption in dynamic panel-data models
L. Magazzini and G. Calzolari
xtnumfac: A battery of estimators for the number of common factors in time series and panel-data models
J. Ditzen and S. Reese
Visualizing uncertainty in a two-dimensional estimate using confidence and comparison regions
M. Eckert and W. Vach
Pseudo-observations in a multistate setting
M. Overgaard, P. K. Andersen, and E. T. Parner
Simultaneous tests and confidence bands for Stata estimation commands
D. M. Drukker
Reporting empirical results to .docx files
Y. Xue, C. Li, and H. Si
Consistent subsets: Computing the Houtman–Maks index in Stata
M. Demetry and P. Hjertstrand

Notes and Comments

Stata tip 152: if and if: When to use the if qualifier and when to use the if command
N. J. Cox and C. B. Schechter

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