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Stata Journal Volume 19 Number 2

Here is the table of contents for this issue:

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Articles and Columns

qmodel: A command for fitting parametric quantile models
M. Bottai and N. Orsini
mixmcm: A community-contributed command for fitting mixtures of Markov chain models using maximum likelihood and the EM algorithm
L. D. F. Saint-Cyr and L. Piet
xtspj: A command for split-panel jackknife estimation
Y. Sun and G. Dhaene
Generalized two-part fractional regression with cmp
J. N. Wulff
Statistical analysis of the item-count technique using Stata
C.-l. Tsai
Fuzzy differences-in-differences with Stata
C. de Chaisemartin, X. D'Haultføeuille, and Y. Guyonvarch
Grade functions
J. L. Gallup
Tips for calculating and displaying risk-standardized hospital outcomes in Stata
J. Lenzi and S. Pildava

Notes and Comments

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