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14 March 2019

StataCorp partners with Sage Publishing

The Stata Journal enters its 19th year with this quarterly issue, the first of 2019. The Journal started in 2001 but was itself a relaunch of the Stata Technical Bulletin, which appeared every two months between May 1991 and May 2001, a total of 61 issues.

This issue marks an important change behind the scenes. As of January 2019, Sage Publishing is now the publisher of the Stata Journal. However, the content and style of the Journal will not be changing. StataCorp will continue to be the owner of the Journal. The editorial review process will not change. The publication process will remain much as it is now.

What will change is that Sage will print and distribute the Stata Journal (both printed and electronic copies) and Sage will also handle sales. We believe that this will increase the exposure of Stata Journal articles and make accessing articles easier.

Sage offers numerous tools that authors, editors, and reviewers of the Stata Journal will be able to take advantage of; see here for for details.

We welcome the support of Sage, itself very well known as a leading academic publisher, and look forward to this new phase in the Journal's history.

H. Joseph Newton and Nicholas J. Cox
Editors, Stata Journal