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Types of submissions
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Types of submissions

The Stata Journal publishes reviewed papers together with shorter notes or comments, regular columns, book reviews, and other material of interest to Stata users.

A paper should potentially be of interest to users of the statistical software Stata. We are especially interested in publishing the following kinds of papers:

  • Expository papers that link the use of Stata commands or programs to associated principles, such as those that will serve as tutorials for readers first encountering a new field of statistics or a major new technique.
  • Papers that go “beyond the Stata manual” in explaining key features or uses of Stata that are relevant to intermediate or advanced users of Stata.
  • Papers that discuss new commands or Stata programs of interest either to a wide spectrum of users (for example, in data management or graphics) or to some large segment of Stata users (for example, in survey statistics, survival analysis, panel analysis, limited dependent variable modeling).
  • Papers that analyze the statistical properties of new or existing estimators and tests in Stata. This includes topics such as simulations of bias, convergence, or small-sample properties of estimators and tests; power analyses; and comparisons of tests or estimators.
  • Papers of interest or usefulness to researchers, especially in fields that are of practical importance but not often written up in texts or other journals (for example, the use of Stata in managing datasets, particularly large datasets, with advice from hard-won experience).
  • Papers of interest to those teaching with Stata. Topics might include extended examples of techniques and interpretation of results, simulations of statistical concepts, and overviews of subject areas.

Notes and comments are normally short (about one page or less). Notes may include, for example, explanation of a neat trick using a few lines of Stata that appears to be worth publicizing. Comments should refer to material previously published in the Journal (or in the Stata Technical Bulletin).

Columns and book reviews are solicited by the editors. Book reviews will concentrate on books about Stata or that contain examples using Stata. We will also carry occasional reviews of books that may be interesting or valuable to many readers. We welcome suggestions of books to review.

Stata tips are concise notes about Stata commands, features, or tricks that users may not have encountered. A tip will draw attention to useful details in Stata or Stata’s uses. Tips must be brief, usually one or two printed pages. Tips, however, do not include expositions of community-contributed commands.

This list is not intended to be exclusive, merely suggestive, and the editors are happy to consider other kinds of papers with some link to Stata.

We do not publish in the Stata Journal 1) any articles on statistics or statistical science, however broadly defined, that lack Stata content or specific application to Stata use or 2) Stata programs that lack supporting discussion.

Although the Stata Journal focuses on Stata-specific application of a general technique, the restriction above does not prohibit you from submitting your technique with a different focus to another journal.

Contributors must sign and send to StataCorp a copy of the Stata Journal Contributor Assignment Agreement before any article can be published. If an article has multiple authors, each author must sign the agreement. While you are waiting for a decision from the Journal, we are happy if you make the same material available via personal, institutional, or collective websites as a draft or working paper (or the equivalent) in your field. Such material should be flagged as under review by the Stata Journal. Papers published in the Stata Journal may be made available electronically according to the terms of the Contributor Assignment Agreement. We are happy if you distribute copies of your paper as reprints or photocopies in accordance with the Contributor Assignment Agreement. If the article is not accepted for publication, the Contributor Assignment Agreement will terminate and become void. You will be notified if this occurs.

Instructions to authors

New and revised submissions

Manuscript style
We prefer that articles be submitted in LaTeX. ASCII and Word contributions will be accepted as well. (A PDF file should accompany the Word document submission.)
The Stata Journal provides its own document class and Stata output package along with examples for authors new to the Stata Journal. See Getting started with the Stata Journal for instructions.
Community-contributed software
Choice of program names can be problematic. Authors may use any legal program names they like during development, but publication of programs brings some constraints:
  1. Your program names should not clash with those of previously written official commands or community-contributed programs. search myprogname will tell you whether myprogname is already in use. (Naturally, if it is you that previously used the name, say, by posting on SSC a program that you are now writing up for the Stata Journal, that is not a problem.)
  2. StataCorp requests that you avoid names that might be used in the future for new official commands. Short, simple words that can be found in an English dictionary are always attractive to StataCorp (for example, list, describe), as are standard abbreviations or contractions for existing techniques (pca, anova). It is, admittedly, difficult for authors to predict what StataCorp might do, or be thinking of doing, but in case of doubt, please contact the editors in the first instance, who will be happy to take soundings on your behalf.
Submissions should be sent to editors@stata-journal.com. Manuscripts will be acknowledged within a week of receipt. After a preliminary editorial review, articles will be sent to reviewers who have expertise in the subject of the article. The Stata Journal uses a blind review system. The review process generally takes 3–6 months. Authors may contact the editor at any time to check the status of their manuscript.
Submission to the Stata Journal implies that 1) identical or substantially the same material is not currently under review by another academic journal and 2) the authors will not submit such material to another journal before they receive a decision from the Stata Journal.
When submitting your article for review, please include the following:
  1. The article. If the article is in LaTeX or Word format, include the .tex or .docx (or .doc) file and a PDF file of the article.
  2. Figures. Figures should be submitted as EPS files in a monochrome scheme; we suggest using the sj scheme.
  3. Community-contributed software and code to reproduce the examples. All community-contributed programs (ado-files) and help files that are being introduced in the article should be submitted. All do-files and datasets used to generate the output in your article should be submitted. If the dataset used in the examples cannot be distributed, we suggest including a sample dataset for testing purposes. A note mentioning the dataset being nonpublic should be included with the submission.
  4. A readme.txt file. If you are submitting community-contributed software or code to reproduce examples in the manuscript, you must also submit a readme.txt file. Here is a template and here is an example.
English editing
Accepted articles will be grammatically edited by Stata Press technical editors, who follow guidelines set forth by the Stata Press style, which is a slightly modified set of guidelines based on the Chicago Manual of Style, and whose work is displayed in the Stata PDF Documentation. A galley proof is provided after the editorial process is complete to ensure that no errors have been inadvertently introduced.

Software updates

Software updates flag that software previously published in the Stata Journal or the Stata Technical Bulletin has been revised by the author(s). The revision could be, for example, a bug fix, an extension, a modernization, or some combination of these. Software updates are matched by an entry in Stata's .key files so that users who keep their Stata up to date are pointed to the latest version of any package published via the Stata Journal when they use search.

Manuscript style
The Software update submission should consist of at least one paragraph explaining the revision concisely and the updated community-contributed software files (.ado files, .sthlp or .hlp files, and any others). The text explaining the revision can be submitted in ASCII (preferred), LaTeX, or Word.
Community-contributed software
To submit a software update, download the official software from the Stata Journal website; see the Stata Journal FAQ for downloading instructions. Then, make the necessary changes to the files.
Submit the text explaining the update and the updated software files to editors@stata-journal.com.