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The Stata Journal
Volume 15 Number 1: pp. 292-300

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Nonparametric pairwise multiple comparisons in independent groups using Dunn's test

Alexis Dinno
School of Community Health
Portland State University
Portland, OR
Abstract.  Dunn's test is the appropriate nonparametric pairwise multiple-comparison procedure when a Kruskal–Wallis test is rejected, and it is now implemented for Stata in the dunntest package. dunntest produces multiple comparisons following a Kruskal–Wallis k-way test by using Stata's built-in kwallis command. It includes options to control the familywise error rate by using Dunn's proposed Bonferroni adjustment, the Šidák adjustment, the Holm stepwise adjustment, or the Holm–Šidák stepwise adjustment. There is also an option to control the false discovery rate using the Benjamini–Hochberg stepwise adjustment.
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