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The Stata Journal
Volume 18 Number 2: pp. 477-484

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Frailty models and frailty-mixture models for recurrent event times: Update

Ying Xu
Center for Quantitative Medicine
Duke–NUS Graduate Medical School
and Procter & Gamble Co.
Singapore, Singapore
Yin Bun Cheung
Center for Quantitative Medicine
Duke–NUS Graduate Medical School
Singapore, Singapore
and Department for International Health
University of Tampere
Tampere, Finland
Abstract.  Xu and Cheung (2015, Stata Journal 15: 135–154) introduced the strmcure command, which fits frailty models and frailty-mixture models in the analysis of recurrent event times. In this article, we provide an update to strmcure. The update implements a two-step estimation procedure for a frailty-mixture model that allows the estimation of the effect of an intervention on the probability of cure and on the total effect on event rate in the noncured. To illustrate, we will use the same example dataset on respiratory exacerbations from the original article.
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