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The Stata Journal
Volume 14 Number 4: pp. 830-846

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iop: Estimating ex-ante inequality of opportunity

Florian Wendelspiess Chávez Juárez
University of Geneva
Geneva, Switzerland
[email protected]
Isidro Soloaga
Universidad Iberoamericana
Mexico City, Mexico
[email protected]
Abstract.  This article describes the user-written command iop to estimate ex-ante inequality of opportunity for different types of variables. Inequality of opportunity is the part of inequality that is due to circumstances beyond the control of the individual. Therefore, it is the ethically offensive part of inequality. Several estimation procedures have been proposed over the past years, and iop is a comprehensive and easy-to-use command that implements many of them. It handles continuous, dichotomous, and ordered variables. In addition to the point estimates, iop also provides bootstrap standard errors and two decomposition methods.
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