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The Stata Journal
Volume 13 Number 4: pp. 719-758

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Stochastic frontier analysis using Stata

Federico Belotti
Centre for Economic and International Studies
University of Rome Tor Vergata
Rome, Italy
Silvio Daidone
Centre for Health Economics
University of York
York, UK
Giuseppe Ilardi
Economic and Financial Statistics Department
Bank of Italy
Rome, Italy
Vincenzo Atella
Centre for Economic and International Studies
University of Rome Tor Vergata
Rome, Italy
Abstract.  This article describes sfcross and sfpanel, two new Stata commands for the estimation of cross-sectional and panel-data stochastic frontier models. sfcross extends the capabilities of the frontier command by including additional models (Greene, 2003, Journal of Productivity Analysis 19: 179–190; Wang, 2002, Journal of Productivity Analysis 18: 241–253) and command functionality, such as the possibility of managing complex survey data characteristics. Similarly, sfpanel allows one to fit a much wider range of time-varying inefficiency models compared with the xtfrontier command, including the model of Cornwell, Schmidt, and Sickles (1990, Journal of Econometrics 46: 185–200); the model of Lee and Schmidt (1993, in The Measurement of Productive Efficiency: Techniques and Applications), a production frontier model with flexible temporal variation in technical efficiency; the flexible model of Kumbhakar (1990, Journal of Econometrics 46: 201–211); the inefficiency effects model of Battese and Coelli (1995 Empirical Economics 20: 325–332); and the "true" fixed- and random-effects models of Greene (2005a, Journal of Econometrics 126: 269–303). A brief overview of the stochastic frontier literature, a description of the two commands and their options, and examples using simulated and real data are provided.
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