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The Stata Journal
Volume 13 Number 3: pp. 574-587

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A short guide and a forest plot command (ipdforest) for one-stage meta-analysis

Evangelos Kontopantelis
NIHR School for Primary Care Research
Institute of Population Health
University of Manchester
Manchester, UK
David Reeves
Institute of Population Health
University of Manchester
Manchester, UK
Abstract.  In this article, we describe a new individual patient data meta-analysis postestimation command, ipdforest. The command produces a forest plot following a one-stage meta-analysis with xtmixed or xtmelogit. (These commands have been renamed in Stata 13 to mixed and meqrlogit, respectively; ipdforest is currently not compatible with the new names.) The overall effect is obtained from the preceding mixed-effects regression and the study effects from linear or logistic regressions on each study, which are executed within ipdforest.
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