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The Stata Journal
Volume 12 Number 1: pp. 45-60

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Age-period-cohort models in Stata

Peter D. Sasieni
Centre for Cancer Prevention
Wolfson Institute of Preventive Medicine
Queen Mary, University of London
London, UK
Abstract.  In this article, I describe and illustrate Stata programs that facilitate i) the fitting of smooth age–period–cohort models to event data and ii) the plotting of observed and fitted rates. The programs include postestimation functionality and flexibility to fit models not possible using Stata’s glm command. What distinguishes this article from a recent Stata Journal article on age–period–cohort models by Rutherford, Lambert, and Thompson (2010, Stata Journal 10: 606–627) is that the emphasis here is on extrapolating the model fit to make projections into the future.
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