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The Stata Journal
Volume 9 Number 2: pp. 211-229

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metandi: Meta–analysis of diagnostic accuracy using hierarchical logistic regression

Roger M. Harbord
Department of Social Medicine
University of Bristol
Bristol, UK
Penny Whiting
Department of Social Medicine
University of Bristol
Bristol, UK
Abstract.  Meta-analysis of diagnostic test accuracy presents many challenges. Even in the simplest case, when the data are summarized by a 2 × 2 table from each study, a statistically rigorous analysis requires hierarchical (multilevel) models that respect the binomial data structure, such as hierarchical logistic regression. We present a Stata package, metandi, to facilitate the fitting of such models in Stata. The commands display the results in two alternative parameterizations and produce a customizable plot. metandi requires either Stata 10 or above (which has the new command xtmelogit), or Stata 8.2 or above with gllamm installed.
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