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The Stata Journal
Volume 11 Number 2: pp. 255-270

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Multivariate random-effects meta-regression: Updates to mvmeta

Ian R. White
MRC Biostatistics Unit
Cambridge, UK
[email protected]
Abstract.  An extension of mvmeta, my program for multivariate random-effects meta-analysis, is described. The extension handles meta-regression. Estimation methods available are restricted maximum likelihood, maximum likelihood, method of moments, and fixed effects. The program also allows a wider range of models (Riley’s overall correlation model and structured between-studies covariance); better estimation (using Mata for speed and correctly allowing for missing data); and new postestimation facilities (I-squared, standard errors and confidence intervals for between-studies standard deviations and correlations, and identification of the best intervention). The program is illustrated using a multipletreatments meta-analysis.
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