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The Stata Journal
Volume 12 Number 4: pp. 655-673

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A programmer's command to build formatted statistical tables

John Luke Gallup
Portland State University
Portland, OR
Abstract.  The frmttable command is a tool for experienced users and programmers to create formatted tables from statistics and write them to Word or LATEX files. My objective is to provide as much control over the layout and formatting of the statistical tables as possible in both file formats while keeping the syntax simple. Users can create rectangular tables with any configuration of data and text; specify numeric formats, font sizes, and font types at the table cell level; specify row spacing; and place lines in or around the table. A complex table can be built by merging or appending new statistics to an existing table, and multiple tables can be included in the same document, making it possible to create a fully formatted statistical appendix from a single do-file. In this article, I provide examples of the ways in which programmers call frmttable to create formatted tables of statistics.
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