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The Stata Journal
Volume 18 Number 4: pp. 786-802

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Customizing Stata graphs made easy (part 2)

Ben Jann
University of Bern
Bern, Switzerland
[email protected]
Abstract.  In Jann (2018b, Stata Journal 18: 491–502), I presented a command called grstyle that simplifies changing the default look of Stata graphs. The command, however, still relies on idiosyncratic scheme file syntax, which may not be well known to many users. In this article, I therefore present an extension called grstyle set that automates the creation of sets of scheme file entries for a number of potentially useful adjustments, without much typing and without requiring much knowledge about scheme file syntax. Covered topics include, for example, the rendering of the background and coordinate system, the placement and look of the legend, the assignment of colors, symbols, and line patterns, and the assignment of relative or absolute sizes.
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