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The Stata Journal
Volume 14 Number 4: pp. 708-737

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Plotting regression coefficients and other estimates

Ben Jann
University of Bern
Bern, Switzerland
Abstract.  Graphical display of regression results has become increasingly popular in presentations and in scientific literature because graphs are often much easier to read than tables. Such plots can be produced in Stata by the marginsplot command (see [R] marginsplot). However, while marginsplot is versatile and flexible, it has two major limitations: it can only process results left behind by margins (see [R] margins), and it can handle only one set of results at a time. In this article, I introduce a new command called coefplot that overcomes these limitations. It plots results from any estimation command and combines results from several models into one graph. The default behavior of coefplot is to plot markers for coefficients and horizontal spikes for confidence intervals. However, coefplot can also produce other types of graphs. I illustrate the capabilities of coefplot by using a series of examples.
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