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The Stata Journal
Volume 15 Number 4: pp. 1174-1185

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Speaking Stata: A set of utilities for managing missing values

Nicholas J. Cox
Department of Geography
Durham University
Durham, UK
Abstract.  Identifying frequencies and patterns of missing values and preliminary cleaning of missing data are common and fundamental parts of statistical data management. I offer a new command, missings, as a replacement for, and extension of, my previous commands nmissing (Cox 1999, Stata Technical Bulletin 49: 7–8; 2001a, Stata Technical Bulletin 60: 2–3; 2003, Stata Journal 3: 449; 2005, Stata Journal 5: 607) and dropmiss (Cox 2001b, Stata Technical Bulletin 60: 7–8; 2008, Stata Journal 8: 594). I also make comparisons with similar commands.
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