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Stata Journal Volume 15, Number 2 has been mailed

The printed copy of the Stata Journal was mailed to subscribers on June 26, 2015. Subscribers in the U.S. and Canada, please allow one week for your issue to arrive. Subscribers outside the U.S. and Canada, please allow two weeks for your issue to arrive.

The electronic copy of the Stata Journal was emailed to subscribers on June 23, 2015.

Here is the table of contents for this issue:

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Articles and Columns

Global search regression: A new automatic model-selection technique for cross-section, time-series, and panel-data regressions
P. Gluzmann and D. Panigo
A menu-driven facility for sample-size calculation in multiarm, multistage randomized controlled trials with time-to-event outcomes: Update
D. J. Bratton, B. Choodari-Oskooei, and P. Royston
Two-stage individual participant data meta-analysis and generalized forest plots
D. J. Fisher
Person-centered treatment (PeT) effects: Individualized treatment effects using instrumental variables
A. Basu
Bounding treatment effects: A command for the partial identification of the average treatment effect with endogenous and misreported treatment assignment
I. McCarthy, D. L. Millimet, and M. Roy
Multiple imputation of covariates by substantive-model compatible fully conditional specification
J. W. Bartlett and T. P. Morris
Modeling heaped count data
T. H. Cummings, J. W. Hardin, A. C. McLain, J. R. Hussey, K. J. Bennett, and G. M. Wingood
Conducting interrupted time-series analysis for single- and multiple-group comparisons
A. Linden
Top 10 Stata “gotchas”
J. Shaw
Generalized maximum entropy estimation of discrete choice models
P. Corral and M. Terbish
gpsbound: A command for importing and verifying geographical information from a user-provided shapefile
T. S. L. Brophy, R. C. Daniels, and S. Musundwa
A general-purpose nomogram generator for predictive logistic regression models
A. Zlotnik and V. Abraira
Transition matrix for a bivariate normal distribution in Stata
M. Savegnago
Estimating almost-ideal demand systems with endogenous regressors
S. Lecocq and J.-M. Robin
Speaking Stata: Species of origin
N. J. Cox
Review of Alan Acock's A Gentle Introduction to Stata, Fourth Edition
T. Collier

Notes and Comments

graphlog: Creating log files with embedded graphics
M. R. Hansen
Stata tip 124: Passing temporary variables to subprograms
M. L. Buis
Stata tip 125: Binned residual plots for assessing the fit of regression models for binary outcomes
J. Kasza

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