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Stata Journal Volume 15, Number 3 has been mailed

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Here is the table of contents for this issue:

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Articles and Columns

precombine: A command to examine n>=2 datasets before combining
M. D. Chatfield
Prediction in linear index models with endogenous regressors
C. L. Skeels and L. W. Taylor
Fitting fixed- and random-effects meta-analysis models using structural equation modeling with the sem and gsem commands
T. M. Palmer and J. A. C. Sterne
Record linkage using Stata: Preprocessing, linking, and reviewing utilities
N. Wasi and A. Flaaen
Estimation of mean health care costs and incremental cost-effectiveness ratios with possibly censored data
S. Chen, J. Rolfes, and H. Zhao
Approximate Bayesian logistic regression via penalized likelihood by data augmentation
A. Discacciati, N. Orsini, and S. Greenland
Fitting adjusted limited dependent variable mixture models to EQ-5D
M. Hernández Alava and A. Wailoo
A note on adding objects to an existing twoway graph
B. Jann
Estimating treatment effects for ordered outcomes using maximum simulated likelihood
C. A. Gregory
Creating summary tables using the sumtable command
L. J. Scott and C. A. Rogers
Bandwidth selection in kernel distribution function estimation
I. López-de-Ullibarri
didq: A command for treatment-effect estimation under alternative assumptions
R. Mora and I. Reggio
Regression analysis of censored data using pseudo-observations: An update
M. Overgaard, P. K. Andersen, and E. T. Parner
Tests for normality in linear panel-data models
J. Alejo, A. Galvao, G. Montes-Rojas, and W. Sosa-Escudero
Model specification and bootstrapping for multiply imputed data: An application to count models for the frequency of alcohol use
W. S. Comulada
mqtime: A Stata tool for calculating travel time and distance using MapQuest web services
J. Voorheis
The Berry-Levinsohn-Pakes estimator of the random-coefficients logit demand model
D. W. Vincent
Feasible fitting of linear models with N fixed effects
F. Rios-Avila

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