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Stata Journal Volume 14, Number 3 has been mailed

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Here is the table of contents for this issue:

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Articles and Columns

ivtreatreg: A command for fitting binary treatment models with heterogeneous response to treatment and unobservable selection
G. Cerulli
Obtaining critical values for test of Markov regime switching
V. K. Bostwick and D. G. Steigerwald
A command for significance and power to test for the existence of a unique most probable category
B. M. Fellman and J. Ensor
Merger simulation with nested logit demand
J. Björnerstedt and F. Verboven
treatrew: A user-written command for estimating average treatment effects by reweighting on the propensity score
G. Cerulli
Modeling count data with generalized distributions
T. Harris, J. M. Hilbe, and J. W. Hardin
A Stata package for the application of semiparametric estimators of dose-response functions
M. Bia, C. A. Flores, A. Flores-Lagunes, A. Mattei
Space-filling location selection
M. Bia and P. Van Kerm
Adaptive Markov chain Monte Carlo sampling and estimation in Mata
M. J. Baker
csvconvert: A simple command to gather comma-separated value files into Stata
A. A. Gaggero
The bmte command: Methods for the estimation of treatment effects when exclusion restrictions are unavailable
I. McCarthy, D. Millimet, and R. Tchernis
Panel cointegration analysis with xtpedroni
T. Neal
Stata and Dropbox
R. Hicks

Notes and Comments

Review of An Introduction to Stata for Health Researchers, Fourth Edition, by Juul and Frydenberg
A. Linden

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