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The Stata Journal
Volume 13 Number 2: pp. 344-355

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Extending the flexible parametric survival model for competing risks

Sally R. Hinchliffe
Department of Health Sciences
University of Leicester
Leicester, UK
Paul C. Lambert
Department of Health Sciences
University of Leicester
Leicester, UK
Abstract.  Competing risks are present when the patients within a dataset could experience one or more of several exclusive events and the occurrence of any one of these could impede the event of interest. One of the measures of interest for analyses of this type is the cumulative incidence function. stpm2cif is a postestimation command used to generate predictions of the cumulative incidence function after fitting a flexible parametric survival model using stpm2. There is also the option to generate confidence intervals, cause-specific hazards, and two other measures that will be discussed in further detail. The new command is illustrated through a simple example.
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