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The Stata Journal
Volume 14 Number 1: pp. 103-118

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Reports and other PDF documents

Rafael J. A. Cámara
University Medical Center of the Johannes Gutenberg University–Mainz
Institute of Medical Biostatistics, Epidemiology, and Informatics
Mainz, Germany
Abstract.  Stata users often need to combine text, tables, and figures. The author’s command, lpdf, generates reports and other PDF documents. lpdf compiles text stored in global macros, tables stored as dataset tables or LATEX table input files, and figures stored as Stata graphs or PDF figure files. LATEX must be installed, but familiarity with LATEX is not necessary. lpdf performs every step through Stata and with Stata syntax. It generates documents in report or article style and portrait or landscape orientation. The default author name, document title, and date can be modified. Further format options include the font and margin sizes. For each table and figure, the width and layout can be adapted. Stata users with LATEX skills may benefit from additional possibilities. The lpdf adofile includes two other useful commands called latexize and latext. latexize processes the content of string variables to properly type special characters and symbols in LATEX input files. latext modifies text stored in global macros in the same way.
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