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Updated 07 December 2018


Speaking Stata: Shading zones on time series and other plots
N. J. Cox
Visualizing assumptions and results in network meta-analysis: The network graphs package
A. Chaimani and G. Salanti
Response surface models for the Elliott, Rothenberg, and Stock unit-root test
J. Otero and C. F. Baum
Unit-root tests based on forward and reverse Dickey—Fuller regressions
J. Otero and C.F. Baum
Event study estimations using Stata: The estudy command
F. Pacicco, L. Vena and A. Venegoni


How to do xtabond2: An introduction to difference and system GMM in Stata
D. Roodman
Estimation of average treatment effects based on propensity scores
S. O. Becker and A. Ichino
Testing for serial correlation in linear panel-data models
D. M. Drukker
Stata tip 23: Regaining control over axis ranges
N. Winter
Speaking Stata: Graphing categorical and compositional data
N. J. Cox

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