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Articles with keyword "time-to-event data"

Reconstructing time-to-event data from published Kaplan–Meier curves
Y. Wei and P. Royston. 2017.
Stata Journal Volume 17 Number 4.
strmst2 and strmst2pw: New commands to compare survival curves using the restricted mean survival time
A. Cronin, L. Tian, and H. Uno. 2016.
Stata Journal Volume 16 Number 3.
Estimating the treatment effect in a clinical trial using difference in restricted mean survival time
P. Royston. 2015.
Stata Journal Volume 15 Number 4.
Threshold regression for time-to-event analysis: The stthreg package
T. Xiao, G. A. Whitmore, X. He, and M.-L. T. Lee. 2012.
Stata Journal Volume 12 Number 2.