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Articles with keyword "sensitivity analysis"

Allowing for informative missingness in aggregate data meta-analysis with continuous or binary outcomes: Extensions to metamiss
A. Chaimani, D. Mavridis, J. P. T. Higgins, G. Salanti, and I. R. White. 2018.
Stata Journal Volume 18 Number 3.
Reference-based sensitivity analysis via multiple imputation for longitudinal trials with protocol deviation
S. Cro, T. P. Morris, M. G. Kenward, and J. R. Carpenter. 2016.
Stata Journal Volume 16 Number 2.
Causal mediation analysis
R. Hicks and D. Tingley. 2011.
Stata Journal Volume 11 Number 4.
A tool for deterministic and probabilistic sensitivity analysis of epidemiologic studies
N. Orsini, R. Bellocco, M. Bottai, A. Wolk, and S. Greenland. 2008.
Stata Journal Volume 8 Number 1.
Simulation–based sensitivity analysis for matching estimators
T. Nannicini. 2007.
Stata Journal Volume 7 Number 3.
Sensitivity analysis for average treatment effects
S. O. Becker and M. Caliendo. 2007.
Stata Journal Volume 7 Number 1.
Maximum likelihood estimation of generalized linear models with covariate measurement error
S. Rabe-Hesketh, A. Skrondal, and A. Pickles. 2003.
Stata Journal Volume 3 Number 4.