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Articles with keyword "power"

Automatic portmanteau tests with applications to market risk management
G. Zhu, Z. Du, and J. C. Escanciano. 2017.
Stata Journal Volume 17 Number 4.
Versatile tests for comparing survival curves based on weighted log-rank statistics
T. G. Karrison. 2016.
Stata Journal Volume 16 Number 3.
A menu-driven facility for power and detectable-difference calculations in stepped-wedge cluster-randomized trials
K. Hemming and A. Girling. 2014.
Stata Journal Volume 14 Number 2.
Little's test of missing completely at random
C. Li. 2013.
Stata Journal Volume 13 Number 4.
Versatile sample-size calculation using simulation
R. Hooper. 2013.
Stata Journal Volume 13 Number 1.
Projection of power and events in clinical trials with a time-to-event outcome
P. Royston and F. M.-S. Barthel. 2010.
Stata Journal Volume 10 Number 3.
A menu–driven facility for complex sample size calculation in randomized controlled trials with a survival or a binary outcome: Update
F. M.-S. Barthel, P. Royston, and A. Babiker. 2005.
Stata Journal Volume 5 Number 1.
Generalized power calculations for generalized linear models and more
R. Newson. 2004.
Stata Journal Volume 4 Number 4.
Sample size and power calculations using the noncentral t–distribution
D. A. Harrison and A. R. Brady. 2004.
Stata Journal Volume 4 Number 2.
Sample size calculations for main effects and interactions in case–control studies using Stata's nchi2 and npnchi2 functions
C. L. Saunders, D. T. Bishop, and J. H. Barrett. 2003.
Stata Journal Volume 3 Number 1.
Power by simulation
A. H. Feiveson. 2002.
Stata Journal Volume 2 Number 2.
From the help desk: It's all about the sampling
A. McDowell and J. Pitblado. 2002.
Stata Journal Volume 2 Number 2.