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Articles with keyword "overdispersion"

Modeling count data with generalized distributions
T. Harris, J. M. Hilbe, and J. W. Hardin. 2014.
Stata Journal Volume 14 Number 3.
Modeling underdispersed count data with generalized Poisson regression
T. Harris, Z. Yang, and J. W. Hardin. 2012.
Stata Journal Volume 12 Number 4.
Estimation of hurdle models for overdispersed count data
H. Farbmacher. 2011.
Stata Journal Volume 11 Number 1.
A simple approach to fit the beta-binomial model
P. Guimarães. 2005.
Stata Journal Volume 5 Number 3.
Parametric frailty and shared frailty survival models
R. G. Gutierrez. 2002.
Stata Journal Volume 2 Number 1.