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Articles with keyword "maximum likelihood estimation"

Standard-error correction in two-stage optimization models: A quasi–maximum likelihood estimation approach
F. Rios-Avila and G. Canavire-Bacarreza. 2018.
Stata Journal Volume 18 Number 1.
Spatial panel-data models using Stata
F. Belotti, G. Hughes, and A. Piano Mortari. 2017.
Stata Journal Volume 17 Number 1.
Maximum likelihood and generalized spatial two-stage least-squares estimators for a spatial-autoregressive model with spatial-autoregressive disturbances
D. M. Drukker, I. R. Prucha, and R. Raciborski. 2013.
Stata Journal Volume 13 Number 2.
Multivariate probit regression using simulated maximum likelihood
L. Cappellari and S. P. Jenkins. 2003.
Stata Journal Volume 3 Number 3.