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Articles with keyword "longitudinal data"

Speaking Stata: Some simple devices to ease the spaghetti problem
N. J. Cox. 2019.
Stata Journal Volume 19 Number 4.
Graphing each individual's data over time
M. D. Chatfield. 2018.
Stata Journal Volume 18 Number 3.
Estimating inverse-probability weights for longitudinal data with dropout or truncation: The xtrccipw command
E. J. Daza, M. G. Hudgens, and A. H. Herring. 2017.
Stata Journal Volume 17 Number 2.
A generalized regression-adjustment estimator for average treatment effects from panel data
D. M. Drukker. 2016.
Stata Journal Volume 16 Number 4.
Speaking Stata: Truth, falsity, indication, and negation
N. J. Cox. 2016.
Stata Journal Volume 16 Number 1.
Application of multiple imputation using the two-fold fully conditional specification algorithm in longitudinal clinical data
C. Welch, J. Bartlett, and I. Petersen. 2014.
Stata Journal Volume 14 Number 2.
Joint modeling of longitudinal and survival data
M. J. Crowther, K. R. Abrams, and P. C. Lambert. 2013.
Stata Journal Volume 13 Number 1.
A review of Stata commands for fixed-effects estimation in normal linear models
D. F. McCaffrey, J. R. Lockwood, K. Mihaly, and T. R. Sass. 2012.
Stata Journal Volume 12 Number 3.
Analyzing longitudinal data in the presence of informative drop-out: The jmre1 command
N. Pantazis and G. Touloumi. 2010.
Stata Journal Volume 10 Number 2.
Speaking Stata: Paired, parallel, or profile plots for changes, correlations, and other comparisons
N. J. Cox. 2009.
Stata Journal Volume 9 Number 4.
Improved generalized estimating equation analysis via xtqls for quasi–least squares in Stata
J. Shults, S. J. Ratcliffe, and M. Leonard. 2007.
Stata Journal Volume 7 Number 2.
Sequence analysis with Stata
C. Brzinsky-Fay, U. Kohler, and M. Luniak. 2006.
Stata Journal Volume 6 Number 4.