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Articles with keyword "cross-sectional dependence"

Panel unit-root tests for heteroskedastic panels
H. Herwartz, S. Maxand, F. H. C. Raters, and Y. M. Walle. 2018.
Stata Journal Volume 18 Number 1.
Bootstrap-based bias correction and inference for dynamic panels with fixed effects
I. De Vos, G. Everaert, and I. Ruyssen. 2015.
Stata Journal Volume 15 Number 4.
Estimating panel time-series models with heterogeneous slopes
M. Eberhardt. 2012.
Stata Journal Volume 12 Number 1.
Error–correction–based cointegration tests for panel data
D. Persyn and J. Westerlund. 2008.
Stata Journal Volume 8 Number 2.
Testing for cross–sectional dependence in panel–data models
R. E. De Hoyos and V. Sarafidis. 2006.
Stata Journal Volume 6 Number 4.