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Articles with keyword "competing risks"

A flexible parametric competing-risks model using a direct likelihood approach for the cause-specific cumulative incidence function
S. I. Mozumder, M. J. Rutherford, and P. C. Lambert. 2017.
Stata Journal Volume 17 Number 2.
The estimation and modeling of cause-specific cumulative incidence functions using time-dependent weights
P. C. Lambert. 2017.
Stata Journal Volume 17 Number 1.
Estimating net survival using a life-table approach
E. Coviello, P. W. Dickman, K. Seppä, and A. Pokhrel. 2015.
Stata Journal Volume 15 Number 1.
Extending the flexible parametric survival model for competing risks
S. R. Hinchliffe and P. C. Lambert. 2013.
Stata Journal Volume 13 Number 2.
Simulating complex survival data
M. J. Crowther and P. C. Lambert. 2012.
Stata Journal Volume 12 Number 4.
Cumulative incidence estimation in the presence of competing risks
V. Coviello and M. Boggess. 2004.
Stata Journal Volume 4 Number 2.