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Articles by author Tom M. Palmer

Fitting fixed- and random-effects meta-analysis models using structural equation modeling with the sem and gsem commands
T. M. Palmer and J. A. C. Sterne. 2015.
Stata Journal Volume 15 Number 3.
Estimating adjusted associations between random effects from multilevel models: The reffadjust package
T. M. Palmer, C. M. Macdonald-Wallis, D. A. Lawlor, and K. Tilling. 2014.
Stata Journal Volume 14 Number 1.
Nonparametric bounds for the causal effect in a binary instrumental-variable model
T. M. Palmer, R. R. Ramsahai, V. Didelez, and N. A. Sheehan. 2011.
Stata Journal Volume 11 Number 3.
Contour–enhanced funnel plots for meta–analysis
T. M. Palmer, J. L. Peters, A. J. Sutton, and S. G. Moreno. 2008.
Stata Journal Volume 8 Number 2.