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Updated 06 February 2017


Fixed effects in unconditional quantile regression
N. T. Borgen
A menu-driven facility for power and detectable-difference calculations in stepped-wedge cluster-randomized trials
K. Hemming and A. Girling
Merger simulation with nested logit demand
J. Björnerstedt and F. Verboven
gpsbound: A command for importing and verifying geographical information from a user-provided shapefile
T. S. L. Brophy, R. C. Daniels, and S. Musundwa
The bmte command: Methods for the estimation of treatment effects when exclusion restrictions are unavailable
I. McCarthy, D. Millimet, and R. Tchernis


How to do xtabond2: An introduction to difference and system GMM in Stata
D. Roodman
The Blinder–Oaxaca decomposition for linear regression models
B. Jann
Stata tip 23: Regaining control over axis ranges
N. Winter
Testing for serial correlation in linear panel-data models
D. M. Drukker
Estimation of average treatment effects based on propensity scores
S.O. Becker and A. Ichino

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