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Power analyses for detecting effects for multiple coefficients in regression
C. L. Aberson. 2014.
Stata Journal Volume 14 Number 2.
Creating synthetic discrete-response regression models
J. M. Hilbe. 2010.
Stata Journal Volume 10 Number 1.
A general-purpose method for two-group randomization tests
J. Kaiser and M. G. Lacy. 2009.
Stata Journal Volume 9 Number 1.
Multinomial goodness–of–fit: Large–sample tests with survey design correction and exact tests for small samples
B. Jann. 2008.
Stata Journal Volume 8 Number 2.
An exact and a Monte Carlo proposal to the Fisher–Pitman permutation tests for paired replicates and for independent samples
J. Kaiser. 2007.
Stata Journal Volume 7 Number 3.
A Mata Geweke–Hajivassiliou–Keane multivariate normal simulator
R. Gates. 2006.
Stata Journal Volume 6 Number 2.

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