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Articles by author Matteo Bottai

A command for Laplace regression
M. Bottai and N. Orsini. 2013.
Stata Journal Volume 13 Number 2.
Logistic quantile regression in Stata
N. Orsini and M. Bottai. 2011.
Stata Journal Volume 11 Number 3.
A tool for deterministic and probabilistic sensitivity analysis of epidemiologic studies
N. Orsini, R. Bellocco, M. Bottai, A. Wolk, and S. Greenland. 2008.
Stata Journal Volume 8 Number 1.
Confidence intervals for the variance component of random–effects linear models
M. Bottai and N. Orsini. 2004.
Stata Journal Volume 4 Number 4.

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